The biggest part of the year I’m playing tournaments abroad. During a normal year I play between 24 and 30 tournaments. I’ve been to all parts of the world and played all Grand Slams. The last 3 years have been very tough for me with injury after injury. I already accomplished a lot, so the easiest way would be to stop playing tennis and everyone would have said I’ve had an amazing career. That’s not how I feel. I still think I can make it to the ‘magical’ top 100 of the world and play main draw in all the Grand Slams. These are not just dreams, these are goals that are possible and I believe in these goals.

I’ve been close, but I’ve never showed my best game. Nowadays I am a better player than I was when I reached my highest rank of 134 in the world. I can reach a higher level, but I’m also better mentally. I know myself, I know my weaknesses and I’m much better at dealing with it. I’ve always been someone who thinks about what she wants and how to get there. In the past years I made steps forward into realising this. I think these past few months I really moved forward and made the decisions in which I believe. Also, I believe, with all my experience, I know exactly what I need and I look for the best way to make it happen. I’ve changed my team and now everything is closer to home. The most important thing is that I’m having fun again and that’s all that matters.

Because of the changes I’ve mentioned, I have to travel without a travelling coach. This means I have to travel alone for now, which could work temporarily, but to be able to make it to the top 100, a travelling coach is needed. Someone who can analyse your matches, take care of things off court, focus on specific things during practise, communicate about this all with the coaches at home and someone who can warm you up. Unfortunately a travelling coach costs a lot of money. Just taking a travelling coach with you costs about 1000-1200 euros a week (and I’m not talking about hotel costs, travelcosts, food etc). Because of the years where my results weren’t great due to injuries, I don’t have the money left to pay for a travelling coach. I would prefer to travel around 20 weeks a year with coach. Do you want to help me on my way to the top?

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